On March 12th, 2014 AWSC organized the 2013 annual performance presentation which took place at Marriott Armenia Hotel. The Deputy Chairman of State Water Systems Committee, committee employees, government officials, representatives of various Ministries, Public Services Regulatory Commission, NGOs, local and international organizations, AWSC employees and other guests were invited for the event. This year the international director of SAUR group, Mr. Michel was also present during the presentation. AWSC activities were presented through a video film that indicated AWSC activities, implemented projects, achievements and results of past year in an interactive format.

AWSC General Director opened the presentation and invited everyone to view the film. After the video presentation, Mr. Patrick Lorin summarized the figures of 2013 and invited the Deputy Chairman of State Water Systems Committee to give a speech. He welcomed the efforts of AWSC in reaching several objectives in 2013 and stated that future improvements should be continuous. SAUR International Director also gave a speech and presented the commitment of SAUR in Armenia and future plans.