On April 2nd, 2014 AWSC General Director, Mr. Patrick Lorin met with the Governor of Gegharquniq region, Mr. Rafik Grigoryan and several community leaders (town and village mayors). During the meeting the participants discussed water supply improvement projects and issues concerning the service quality. AWSC staff presented the list of improvement projects that were implemented in 2013 and those projects that have started in 2014 or will soon commence in Gegharquniq region. According to the loan agreements signed between the RA Government and Asian Development Bank and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, investment projects for water supply improvement will be carried out in Martuni, Sevan, Chambarak, Gavar towns, as well as Lchashen, Sarukhan, Gandzak, Naratus, Karmigyugh, Chkalovka, Tsovazard and Nerqin Getashen communities.

During the meeting the Governor of Gegharquniq region, Mr. Grigoryan informed that several communities have already applied to be included in the AWSC service area. As of preliminary, the following communities will be included in the AWSC service area: Tsaghkunq, Geghamavan, Ddmashen, Tsovagyugh and Semyonovka. The question of Geghhovit community will be discussed during the upcoming week. Mr. Lorin mentioned that now the company is able to find resources to improve the water supply service in the region and the latest implemented investment projects have shown a major progress, which is positively valued by the local population.

Concluding the meeting, the Governor, Mr. Grigoryan expressed his contentment of mutually efficient collaboration between the AWSC management and the local communities of Gegharquniq region.