Armenia is rich in potable water resources due to the numerous natural springs existing on the territory. Most of them have a capacity of 2 000 litres per second. Armenian Water and Sewerage Company CJSC is in charge of supplying this water to the population. The company controls the technical services and the exploitation of the water supply, the wastewater treatment plants (state property) and the inter-communal networks (community property) in the company’s service area. We provide water supply to customers with required quantity and quality of drinking water as well as we implement the disposal of wastewater. Currently the average schedule of “AWSC” CJSC is 16 hours, which is 10 hours more than in 2004, however there are communities that already 24-hour water supply.

Water production

In Company’s service area water production is implemented by means of production unit operating in 3 regional branches. The process is done through 105 water sources, 11 water treatment plants, 64 operating chlorine stations, 347 main water production sources, 69 intercommunal pumping stations, 151 main water meter units (currently 112 water meters are installed).

Water Treatment

The disinfection of drinking water is implemented by liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets in 64 operating chlorine stations, and water quality control is done by means of chemicalbacteriological laboratories by cooperating with hygienic and epidemiological centers.

Water Distribution

The distribution is done through the effective technical operation, exploitation and maintenance process of inter-communal networks of the Company’s service area. It also includes daily regulation of the service area by means of level measuring equipments installed in reservoirs, the development of schedules for Daily Regulation Reservoir’s exploitation and the implementation of regular water supply with sectors. By the equal delivering of water in the distribution networks water schedules are precisely maintained.

Wastewater discharge/treatment

Domestic and industrial waste waters of almost all Armenian cities are discharged through wastewater centralized networks and main collectors by providing 60-80 % disposal (97% in capital cities).


Customers’ billing is the calculation of provided services (water supply and waste water). To know the amount of the bill AWSC multiplies the quantity of water used with the water tariffs. AWSC persuades the customers to pay only in banks, post offices and in other branches of company’s partners to avoid inaccuracies and difficulties with payments.