The subdivisions of the Administrative Directorate are:

1. General Division

2. Financial and Accounting Department

- Financial Division

- Accounting Division

3. Cost Control and Internal Audit Department

4. Legal and Insurance Department


A supervisor is in charge of those two directorates. The technical directorate implements, organizes, and supervises the technical research process of the water supply and waste water systems, the implementation of design work, the compilation of long-term projects of major repairs reconstruction, the creation of the database, mapping and digitization.

This directorate is subdivided into:

- The technical department

- The service department

- The asset management division

- The communities asset registration division

The exploitation directorate controls the maintenance and exploitation of water supply and wastewater main facilities (state property) and inter-communal networks (community property) in the company’s service area by providing water supply to customers with required quantity and quality of drinking water and implements the disposal of wastewater.

The subdivisions are:

- Water production department

- Distribution department

- Special works department


The commercial directorate coordinates the company’s sales, billing and payment processes in a centralized way.

The main goals are the formation of the company’s billing, customer registration, collection of payments, as well as efficient operation and coordination of the process. One of the main objectives is the improvement of the provided services for the customers.


The main function of the investment directorate is the implementation and coordination of the projects funded by the financial institutions, namely Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank and the European Union.


Waste Water Directorate is responsible for waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and water removal from the sewerage.

Waste water treatment plants:

WWTPs processing consist to treat and separate from waste flow, solid garbage, grids, sludge and grease material, then evacuation is done in adequate skips (waste containers) then transportation is done and storage in appropriate dumping area.

Sewerage pumping stations:

Sewerage pumping stations processing consist by use of submersible pumps to evacuate waste flow received from communities waste water network and bring to nearest sewer main pipelines.

Waste water network:

Implementation of periodical cleaning of the sewerage communities network as well as the main pipelines to prevent future blockages in the system, implementation of periodical inspection of the sewerage network system and if necessary performing of repair works on defect or broken part on the network or main pipeline.


Human recourses management department is ensuring the accordance of working environment of head office and regional branches with the requirements of RA Labour Code, company Regulation and other legal documents. The Department is developing appropriate programs for HR policy as well as strategic programs for recruitment, determining the necessary mechanisms for the implementation of those programs. The Department is responsible for discovering the conflict situations between the employees as well as for analysing and preventing these kinds of situations. HRM department is organizing and executing appropriate activities in accordance with RA Labour Code, other normative acts, also is implementing projects works for developing necessary procedures and internal legal acts in cooperation with other interested units within the company.

The activities of HRM department also include the organization and implementation of training and development, professional trainings for the employees of company as well as ensuring the accordance of activities of work protection and technical safety of head office, regional branches and other objects with the norm requirements. The Department is organizing the processes to ensure the work protection, technical safety and fire fighting rules as well as to convince the employees with the special instructions, registers, necessary materials, visual signalling equipment, uniforms, shoes and personal protective means.

Training and development division

The Training and development division is organising the training processes, is developing the training and development plan as well as is providing with the certificates to employees. In cooperation with other units of company the Division is discovering the weaknesses and strengths of professional skills of employees. The Division is classifying the target groups of employees that need to pass appropriate trainings as well as is preparing training programs for them. In cooperation with other interested units of company the Division is participating in studying and developing of instructions and guidelines of technical service, exploitation and keeping of the equipment used and to be used in future in W&W area The trainings are organized mainly in company training and development center that has been established in 2007 with the financial help of World Bank.


The PR department is responsible of corporate relations and communication between the company, public entities (state authorities, NGO’s, media and civil society institutions) and customers. The department implements various public campaigns that promote professional ties with the customers. Regular meetings with authorities are conducted to discuss current projects, clarify the way of cooperation and submit long term projects. Press conferences and interviews with media representatives are frequently organized to clarify answers to customers’ questions and disseminate up-date information on water policy. The PR department also organizes events and corporate social responsibility activities.


The department is in charge of the quality and the archives of the company. The main functions are to write the quality policy of the company, conduct an audit of quality and treat all the implemented procedures. The Department collaborates with company to make sure the quality norms are respected and the staff is sensitive to the quality norms and the management. Also, working with the HR department, the Quality and Environment Department creates the job descriptions.


AWSC IT department carries out the management of computer techniques of the head office, regional branches and sectors.


The main function of the division is to control and coordinate usual laboratorial-production activities with the help of 23 functioning laboratories of the Company. The main objective is to prevent the deterioration of drinking water quality, the danger of infectious diseases and infection of the population by water.