Christmas Event for orphanage children (December 18th, 2013, Yerevan, Armenia)

On December 18th, 2013 AWSC organized a special event for socially in need children. However before the event the Public Relations Department organized a donation of clothes, toys and other goods for children. During two weeks AWSC employees donated many clothes and toys for orphans. These goods, together with Christmas chocolates were taken to the Christmas event. AWSC collaborated with Nunyos NGO and organized the Christmas event for 100 orphans from a regional orphanage.

The event was organized at Children’s Central library with special decorations and celebrative mood that created a special atmosphere. AWSC Technical and Exploitation supervisor and several female employees took part in the event. To welcome guests children had prepared and beautifully presented poems and songs. After the performance Santa Claus came and AWSC employees distributed Christmas presents to children. At the end of the event children were served lunch. Certainly, this event brought joy and happiness to the orphans and once again valued the importance of corporate social responsibility.

International Children's Rights Protection Day, "A celebration for orphans" (June 1, 2013, Yerevan, Armenia)

On June 1, 2013 AWSC organized a nice event dedicated to the International day of Protection of Children’s rights. The event was jointly organized by Nunyos NGO. The aim of the event was to organize an expo of paintings done by orphanage children and dedicate the benefit of purchase the paintings to the orphans. There were 100 children present at the event that enjoyed performances of Armenian singers and later draw new pictures expressing nature and water topics.

Cartoon characters amusing the orphans

Children drawing on the theme of nature and water

The 11th European Youth Parliament for Water (May 12-19, 2013, Lake Sevan, Armenia)

From May 12th to 19th, 2013 Armenia welcomed the 11th European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW), which gathered 100 European young people, aged between 16 to 23, youth leaders, elected representatives and experts. They came from 15 European countries: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey.

"Water governance" was the theme of the 11th EYPW and therefore the best practices of Armenia-the model of private-public partnership was well shared among the participants. The parliament is an initiative of Solidarity Water Europe, a French organization based in Strasbourg, France.

European institutions such as Council of Europe and European Union always support the Parliaments. The local partner of the event in Armenia was SAUR/Armenian Water and Sewerage CJSC. The Public Relations Department of AWSC coordinated the organization of the parliament and was responsible for the total logistics, local arrangements as well as publicity of the event in the country.

The Delegates of 11th EYPW

The President of the National Assembly of Armenia giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the 11th EYPW

Official opening and closing ceremonies of the 11th EYPW took place in the National Assembly of Armenia with the presence of the President of the National Assembly of Armenia (at the opening ceremony) and other high profile members of the Parliament and Government of Armenia. Representatives of many international organizations and foreign missions also took part in the ceremonies. During one week the delegates of the 11th EYPW participated in different workshops, met with various stakeholders of water industry and took part in field activities. Following the workshops and field activities, the young people had all the content to write, debate and validate a common declaration on water governance addressing major issues, general recommendations and proposing concrete actions.

Indeed, each delegation included proposals of projects they commit to implement in their home countries. Another democratic process of the 11th EYPW was the elections of presidency. They set the rules of the voting process and each candidate had two days to campaign and convince their peers to vote for him/her. At the end, a president and two vice-presidents were elected to represent the 11th European Youth Parliament for Water.

Cultural visit to Garni temple

Certainly, the local staff of the parliament also organized cultural and intercultural evenings for young people to introduce the rich culture of Armenia as well as share their culture among their peers.

The impact and the results of the 11th EYPW was 100 participants trained on water governance as well as motivated young people ready to act for water. As an end-product, the official declaration will be spread in all the European countries and will have an impact on youth participation in water issues. There will be a follow-up of concrete projects that were proposed by young people to be implemented in each country.

Launch of "Narek's and Nare's adventures in H2O Planet", a water preservation booklet (April 16, 2013, Artashat, Armenia)

"Narek's and Nare's adventures in H2O Planet"

On April 16th, 2013 AWSC launched "Narek's and Nare's adventures in H2O Planet", a water preservation booklet. For a long time AWSC with its management contractor SAUR planned to create a booklet especially dedicated to water preservation. The booklet has been created together with “Multishock” children’s magazine and the printing has been financed by Asian Development Bank and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

The booklet is designed for 6-14 years old children. Having printed adequate quantity of booklets, AWSC contacted the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia to implement a special educational program by conducted seminars for school children on water preservation.

During the past 22 years of independence of Armenia awareness about water issues has never been included in the school curriculum.

Launch of water booklet in Artashat, Armenia

Young people living in the regions of Armenia have no idea of water conservation.

This may be the reason why the water tap in most houses is never closed year round. In summer time they chill vegetables and drinks under the running water and in winter they let it open to avoid “freezing”. Also, the misuse of drinking water happens in the gardens when yards of vegetables and fruits are watered by pure drinking water. Water is also being used to wash cars and carpets outside for hours. This careless attitude towards water may last forever unless a concrete water awareness program is implemented. AWSC aims to implement the educational program specifically for new generation knowing that they will teach their parents and friends about saving each drop. The educational program was launched in Artashat, Armenia, where children of local secondary school theatrically performed the story of two little drops traveling in the H2O planet and finding out the complex way of water flowing from the top mountains to house taps.

By the end of 2013 seminars and training of teachers will be conducted in all towns of AWSC service area.

Global Water Intelligence "Global Water Summit" (April 30 to May 2, 2012, Rome, Italy)

From April 30 to May 1stAWSC General Director took part in the Global Water Summit, which brought together 400 high level specialists working in the water sector, CEOs, well-known international experts and mass media to Rome, Italy. Each year the Summit is organized by the Global Water Intelligence international organization. During the two-day Summit more than 80 round-table discussions, official meetings and workshops were organized. The specialists introduced potable water issues in Africa, the application of new technologies in America, European environmental approaches and Asian innovations, in other words, the international practice. The most important part of the Global Water Summit agenda is the official ceremony of “Global Water Award” during which the best companies working in the water sector are awarded in 10 nominations.

This year Armenia was competing with Madagascar, Italy, Spain, and Saudi Arabia in the nomination of “The best performance of the year”. The Global Water Summit invited companies representing those countries to present their achievements in the past year. Armenia was introduced by Armenian Water and Sewerage Company.

During the official session five countries briefly presented their successful projects and activities, which was followed by a live voting of 400 participants of the session choosing the winner. For the best presentation and successful activities the Armenian Water and Sewerage Company received the “Water performance initiative of the year” award at the Global Water Summit in 2012. This is a major international recognition of AWSC activities and positive development of past several years.